Monday, November 19, 2012

Personalize a Client's Experience at your Agency

Videos have become part of main stream America, just Google Tobuscus or Justin Bieber to see the influence of YouTube on their careers. Any Linkster or Y generation kid will know who you are talking about. So what does this have to do with social work? Here is opportunity and a challenge. The opportunity is to identify and develop client specific content. The challenge is to take the next step of creating your own educational videos to address your populations. Video recorders are available for a minimum amount of money or can be obtained on e-bay for even less. Windows 8 comes with free video editing software to make it easy to deliver your educational message. It is easier than you may think...

Links to examples of client specific videos:

Personal Grooming

How to Interview for a Job : Skills Assessment for a Job Interview 

Social Skills for Life: Managing Strong Emotions

Link to Article: 

How to Craft the Perfect Instructional Video for Social Media