Monday, January 21, 2013

Fundraising gets some help from Apps

GalaBid is an App to help with silent auctions and donations at annual dinners or fundraisers. This program can announce the winners, keep statistics, and (most importantly) payment is sent directly to an account from the donor's phone! Reduce your paper, staff time, and no pays. Donor's of products can include websites accessible directly from a customer's phone, an added advantage. If they didn't get the item they wanted they can go to the website and purchase it! This may help when recruiting silent auction items. Think outside the box and have silent actions from newsletters or your donor database. Donors have access to see how much is being donated. Matching funds made easier when competition is at the slide of a touch screen! Let us know if you use it and how it worked...

Link to website:


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Visual Story Telling

Visual examples are a powerful form of storytelling. What if we could include visual storytelling in our practices?  One of the reasons people are so attracted to the Internet is the visual orientation of the media. Taking into account a person's VAK styles, social workers can develop visual tools. Teaching hygiene, providing education, or showing clients how to advocate for themselves can be accomplished through visual storytelling. Below is a brief example of how to engage children in learning about their anger through visual storytelling.

Anger Management for Kids
What is anger?

What makes you angry?
            two kids fighting

 Where in your body do you feel your anger?

How can you work through your anger?

Use a stress ball...

Listen to music, a meditation, or affirmation CD

Deep Breathing and Counting

Progressive Relaxation for kids (Youtube)

Link to Article:

4 Businesses Leveraging Storytelling With Images

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Scoopit! Having other search engines do the work for you!! is a great resource to accumulate information about resources. You can create an account and have the search engines bring content across the Web to your site. An e-mail will be generated each day with the news accumulated. If you don't want to go through the work of perusing a daily e-mail on your subject matter just look for other people who have similar interests and they will! for you! This is not limited to technology. Social workers can scoop advocacy issues, research, areas of practice, or show clients how to  access information.

Below are two examples of how the resource is used...

Link for Latest research on BiPolar Disorder!

Link for Teaching with Tablets!

Link for Social Work and Technology!

Friday, January 11, 2013

HIPAA violation comes to the surface...

Think of the confidential information you copy on a daily basis. Client information, charts, psychological reports, bills, donations, checks, transcripts all every day coping. Now think of the faxes you send by copier. Most copiers are rented. When their term is up, they are sold to the highest bidder. All of the information you, your coworkers, and agency has copied or faxed is on the hard drive of that copier going who knows where. I don't know of anyone asking copier companies how this information is being erased, because it is not. How many HIPAA violations are sold across the world? What types of threats are there to personal security? So ask your administrators, your rental do you delete this information?

CBS News discovers the issues with copier security....