Thursday, January 17, 2013

Visual Story Telling

Visual examples are a powerful form of storytelling. What if we could include visual storytelling in our practices?  One of the reasons people are so attracted to the Internet is the visual orientation of the media. Taking into account a person's VAK styles, social workers can develop visual tools. Teaching hygiene, providing education, or showing clients how to advocate for themselves can be accomplished through visual storytelling. Below is a brief example of how to engage children in learning about their anger through visual storytelling.

Anger Management for Kids
What is anger?

What makes you angry?
            two kids fighting

 Where in your body do you feel your anger?

How can you work through your anger?

Use a stress ball...

Listen to music, a meditation, or affirmation CD

Deep Breathing and Counting

Progressive Relaxation for kids (Youtube)

Link to Article:

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