Future Presentations

Social Work Distance Education Conference - San Antonio, Texas
- Preparing Faculty and Students for the Future: Transforming Social Work Education through a Foresight Approach
- Imagining Social Work Education into the Future: Skills for Social Justice in a Technology-Mediated World
April 2019

Selected Past Presentations
Wisconsin County Human Service Association
Integrating Technology into Human Services: Present and Future Issues with Solutions       
November 2018

Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center
Social Work Boundaries and Ethics in a Technological Age     
October 2018

Marian University - Faculty Presentation
Generation Z: Challenges and Opportunities in Higher Education                                             
August 2018

Social Work Distance Education Conference - San Antonio, Texas
The Future of Social Work in a Digital Age: Embracing Disruption through Online Innovation                                                                                                                         
April, 2018

Council on Social Work Education APM, Dallas TX
Integrating Technology into Social Work Education                                                                 
October, 2017

Social Work Distance Education Conference, San Antonio TX
Bridging the Digital Divide in Social Work Education                                                                
 April 2017

Linden Oaks Behavioral Health, Naperville, IL                                                   
Integrating Technology into Human Service Practice                                                                 
March 2017

Family Counseling Service of Aurora, IL
Cultural Competence with Military and their Families                                                                 
January 2017

Family Counseling Service of Aurora, IL
Technology and Ethics                                                                                                                  
January 2017

European Social Network - Bratislava, Slovakia
Technology Integration in Social Work Education and Practice                                                   
November 2016

Family Counseling Service of Aurora, IL
The Ethical Practice of Technology in Human Services                                                                    
April 2016

American Council for School Social Work (ACSSW) Pewaukee, WI
Working with 21s Century Students: Understanding Boundaries and Ethical Dilemmas
with Digital Natives                                                                                                                
Spring 2014

North American Association of Christians in Social Work (NACSW) Atlanta, GA
Technology Assessments with Children and Families – Poster Session                                       
Fall 2013

American Council for School Social Work (ACSSW) Milwaukee, WI
Technology and Ethics in a School Setting                                                                                 
Fall 2013

Woodland District 50 – Gurnee, Illinois
Team Building – Working through Conflict: Turning Problems into Solutions                           
Fall 2012

Warren Township High School – Gurnee, Illinois
Integrating Technology into School Social Work Practice                                                          
Fall 2012

Parent University – Lake Zurich, Illinois
Temperament Types and Effective Parenting                                                                                
Winter 2011

Warren Township Youth Services – CEU Presentation, Gurnee, Illinois
The Ethics of Integrating Technology into Social Work Practice                                                 
Winter 2010

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