Saturday, October 6, 2012

Helping Clients Find Their Way...Literally

If you work in a city with buses, elevated trains or resources within walking/biking distance, accessibility is the key to joining clients to resources. These are some apps which can work in two ways. The first is through client access if they have smartphones. Anxiety reduction, a sense of control, and enhancing self esteem may be felt with an increase in access for the client's use. Some phones may be auto programmed with soup kitchen addresses, salvation army, or other high need agencies.  The second is provider access to interpret the systems clients are using to best connect resource to client. Human service providers may provide expertise in the clients world by offering resources of high need and how to access the resources.

iPhone/iPad and android have free and low cost applications to utilize. Find the one best addressing the needs in your city.

iPhone Apps - Free

Provides transit trip planning, door to door directions for biking, bus, walking, rail, etc.

Android Apps - Free

Ride Chicago

Provides live bus and train arrival times and maps.

There are many other free and low cost apps located on the CTA apps web page.

Link to CTA (See your city for other resources):