Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Caregivers Relief in Site

Caregivers are consistently under the  stress of knowing what is going on with a loved one being cared for in the home. What if you could offer the caregivers of elderly parents a way to monitor their family from their home or work computer? A new resource, eCaring, is starting to offer this service in different parts of the country. Information on the family member's activities, health condition and mental or physical state is on a computer program.The caregiver has the options of what train the health care worker to track; diet, activity, mental state, toileting, personal care, medical appointments, all in one program.  Home health care workers or aids input the information into a computer. If a health problem occurs, an alert would sound to the caregiver's phone. This type of program may alleviate much of the stress caregivers experience.

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