Thursday, February 7, 2013

Behavior Charts go High Tech

Children are coming into my office at younger and younger ages with either an iTouch, smart phone, or tablets. The types of programs on these devices engage children. Parents can utilize their children's interest by exploring behavior and chore charts. I know one of the most common areas when working with families are behavior and chores.  I struggled with one family to track behavior. We created posters, charts for the refrigerator, and reminders for bathroom mirrors.  The family came each week for reasons tracking did not occur. Then I found Rich Kid's Behavior and Reward System and Chore Monster for the younger child. These apps motivated the kids to remind the parents about their behavior. The kids wanted engagement with technology. The visual interaction of their behavior and rewards seemed to act like a cue to respond differently to stimuli. The kids wanted their parents to track how well they were doing so they could interact with the app and see their progress. I see it as an alternative to traditional behavior charts.


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