Monday, September 10, 2012

Stop Bullying Goes High Tech

Okay school social workers, here is an app for you. Stop Bullies and Bully Block are two apps designed to anonymously report bullying through texting, videos, or sending photos, directly to administrators. This is if administrators are serious about stopping bullying in their schools. There is even a GPS tag to identify where the fight is occurring on the video feed! Kids today are having access to smart phones at younger and younger ages. Technology is a snap to adapt if it is of interest to the child or teen. More schools are allowing phone usage between classes or in study halls. If your school is having a bullying issue you can advocate for phone usage and this app to be downloaded by students. These apps are first steps at linking technology with a social problem. There may be some bugs to work out with students, administrators, and parents. Becoming familiar with the technology and supporting usage in your school will move forward protections for all students.

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